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The Mark of Athena (Heroes of Olympus)

The Mark of Athena - Rick Riordan The Mark of Athena!!! I have been looking forward to this book since last year when The Son of Neptune came out! I am happy to report that MoA doesn't end in as big of a cliffhanger as SoN but it was still pretty bad (cliffhanger wise, the book itself was amazing). I can't wait till The House of Hades comes out next fall!!For starters if like to say that I was SO happy when this came in the mail yesterday! And then I couldn't read it till I got home that day so I had to wait web longer knowing that it was waiting for me. So when I got home, I was on a mission! I told everyone that I wasn't getting off that couch for anything until I was done with the book! That didn't last too long... At around page 79 I had to pee and then around page 200 they bribed me to eat with some mozzarella sticks and apple cider (not together though haha I had milk with the mozzarella sticks and pumpkin muffins with hit apple cider YUM) ANYWAYS at about just over halfway through (when Jason and Piper were at the river) I went to sleep and I woke up super early this morning to finish it up!My thoughts? It was AMAZING! I don't know how he does it but after each book I think it's amazing and then he writes a new one that's EVEN BETTER! I really don't think the cover fits the book though... The owl yes since Annabeth has to follow the mark of athena to avenge her mother but Percy and Jason fighting on Tempest and Blackjack? Not so much... That was a 6 page scene! And they were possessed! I think the cover should've been the 7 of them (plus Coach Hedge) on the deck of the Argo II.Leo has hilarious, Percy was sweet, and Nico... Was trapped in a Bronze Jar by twin giants and needed to be saved before he died in 5 days (he's only lasted so far since his disappearance because of his self induced coma). The gang encounter tons of interesting people like Narcissus, Echo, Phorvys and Keto, Chiron's relatives (sadly, NOT the party ponies though who they DO meet make some pretty delicious brownies), Hercules, Chrysaor (son of Medusa and Poseidon), and of course some half dolphin mutants (I guess Mr.D wasn't kidding when he threatened to turn Percy into a Dolphin)Our Heroes will face many challenges on their path to Rome, such as tricking fangirl nymphs into being 'Team Leo', Frank turning into a giant goldfish, learning the 'secrets' to Chinese finger traps, and Coach Hedge singing TV theme songs for the demigods to endure!(I mean of course there's also bigger important challenges like Anabeth going on a deadly solo quest and Percy and Jason teaming up to kick some Giant butt! (Giant as in a lot and faint as in they are quite literally fighting giants) hahah ahhhh puns suck >.< . But those aren't too important, eh? Will Frank and Leo ever feel comfortable around each other? Will Jason and Percy settle into a new bromance? Will the world ever know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop? The books answers two of these questions haha.I loved Percy and Jason's competitions to see who could do things better and faster. Then after they almost fought each other, who would have one if it was allowed to continue? Really?? Is that SERIOUSLY the question I'm asking? Percy would OBVIOUSLY win, hands down, duh. Nico himself says to everyone (even Jason) that Percy is the strongest demigod he's ever known!Leo was über awesome in this book. He thinks Annabeth is scary lol and sortaish falls in love with Hazel until they have a flash back together and find out the truth! Which was fascinating but I'm SOO not telling ;PSo what's the Mark of Athena? What awaits Annabeth on her solo quest? How will Percy and Jason ever hope to defeat the twin giants without a god? All if this and more is In the 5-star book! (Which deserves a bajillion stars)