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Finale (Hush, Hush Saga)

Finale - Becca Fitzpatrick ***** This Review can also be found on my blog Love at First Write Finale (Hush, Hush #4)by Becca FitzpatrickPublication Date: October 23, 2012Publisher: Simon & SchusterRating: 5/5Refresher (WARNING contains Books 1-3 SPOILERS!!!)So as you all know (or SHOULD since this is a review of the fourth and final book) is that it’s about Nora Grey. She’s part Nephilim, which means she is the daughter of a Nephilim and a human, which means she’s the grandkid of a human and a fallen angel. Fallen Angels take control over Nephilim bodies during the month known as Cheshvan. So the two hate each other forever and ever. If a fallen angel kills a female descendent of their Nephilim host, the immortal host will die and the fallen angel will become human.Nora is smitten with Patch (Jev) who is a fallen angel, saves her life in book one, and becomes her guardian angel. Gets involved with Nora’s mortal nemesis Marcie in book2 while the mysterious Black Hand threatens Nora’s life, and the issue of Nora’s father’s murderer. Nora also encounters childhood friend ‘scotty the hotty’ (Scott) who turns out to be nephilim. Book 2 ends, Rixon is the murderer and also tries to kill Nora, Patch and Nora are back together, Vee the bff is witty as usual, and dunDunDUN Marcie’s dad is Nora’s biological father. Book 3 has Nora losing her memories and restarting her relationship with Jev (frickin’ adorable) and she spends the book recovering from being kidnapped by Hank! So end of book three was pretty intense and leaves the reader wondering what Nora will do now that she’s head of Hank’s Nephilim army! An Army that’s set on destroying their captors, destroying the fallen angels- destroying Patch.My Thoughts: Let me just say that Scott was perfect. I loved him throughout this series, though I was TOTALLY rooting for Patch as far as being with Nora goes. Books 2 and 3 were nowhere near as good as 1 and 4 (as far as I’m concerned) and this last book made getting through 2&3 worth it for me. Throughout the series Nora hasn’t been very smart. Book smart, maybe, but not street/boy smart. This book was no exception. She knew that devilscraft was bad for her, but the way it heightened her abilities and made her almost as strong as a normal Nephilim got her addicted to the stuff. DUMB. She’s also still really paranoid about losing Patch to another girl. Seriously?!?!?! After all you two have been through, you can’t trust him by now??!!?!!!???!? However, this book made reading the whole series worth it! Oh my god! There are always these unexpected plot twists and betrayals from the people I least expect (such as Rixon in book 2). The second Vee said she had a secret it was pretty obvious what it was, but at the same time I didn’t want it to be true. With everything going on it should’ve been apparent much sooner, and Nora’s heightened abilities in book 4 would’ve picked up on it. Her secret just seemed forced and didn’t seem to fit in with the book. Another thing I didn’t like is that Vee is normally a witty, loud-mouthed, strong-willed girl. And after Rixon, she swore off boys, but the second Vee sees this one guy she falls head over heels for him! I mean, they DO make an adorable couple and I totally shipped them, but still……I honestly thought Marcie wasn't going to be the important in this book.... She’s annoying, self-centered, and honestly really bitchy. She wants to know who her father’s murderer is (that would be Nora) and decides to move- in with Nora and Nora’s mom! Geez, Mrs. Grey is too much of a push-over. So Marcie lives with Nora, gets some sister bonding and investigating done, and Marcie screws up so important plans…. Let’s just say that boy was I wrong about her being unimportant.Nora shapes up and gained my respect towards the end, but the end was still heart-breaking ;( And Detective Basso's real identity? Geeez I didn't even THINK to consider something was up with him. Vee was sassy and hilariously witty throughout as usual :D Patch was frickin' sexy as HELL, thank god for that. Scott is still my favorite