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Department 19 (Department Nineteen)

Department Nineteen - Will Hill I just finished it yesterday! It was really good. It's vampire-y but not like sissy vampires. More like cross me and I'll rip your throat out. There's a little Van Helsing, Dracula, and Frankenstein (but they're not major characters) It was a little all over the place for a bit as far as telling the story goes but all the threads came together nicely so it was all ok haha I'd totally recommend D19 to people! So what is this book about? It's about this guy named Jamie Carpenter. He grew up knowing that his father was a traitor to the British government along with bullies constantly reminding him. Around his 16th birthday, his mom was kidnapped and a Vampire named Alexandru attacks him! Alexandru is one of the 3 original brothers that Dracula himself turned. How will Jamie ever survive? Frankenstein, THE Frankenstein monster, comes and saves him? Why? Because Frankenstein made a promise to Jamie's dad to always be there for the Carpenter family. The Carpenter family is part of a secret British Government department called Blacklight, Department Nineteen. When Dracula was killed by Van Helsing and those 3 other guys, they formed Department Nineteen to train future Vampire Hunters! Most people who join are selected from elite military people, but when a guy descendent of the founders turns 16, he's asked if he wants to join. Seeing as his mom was kidnapped, of course he says yes.He goes through a lot of cool vampire training (quite an interesting read just for that sake, if nothing else) and during Jamie's stories there's flashbacks to the original people who killed Dracula.One thing I don't understand is Larissa and Jamie. I don't understand why Larissa likes him! I mean he's not a bad guy but the relationship seems out of nowhere with no sturdy footing. I liked Frankenstein and the ending regarding him. It was sad but a wakeup call for Jamie.I also thought that Dracula and Jamie's mom tied in nicely to the book. Having Jamie's mom be turned just as he was finally getting her back was cool and showed thatVampire's don't need a cause. They do things because they CAN.