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The Harvard Classics: Stories from The Thousand and One Nights: The Arabian Nights' Entertainments, with Introduction and Notes
Stanley Lane-Poole, Edward William Lane, Charles W. Eliot

Mamotte! Lollipop 1

Mamotte! Lollipop, Vol. 01 - Michiyo Kikuta This Manga was so cute! So there's a test to become professional sorcerers, and all they have to do is find the crystal pearl. Simple right? No not reall since they drop it into the human world and only 1 team of 2 (whoever finds it first) becomes professional. Nina, a human, just happened to think it was a hard candy and ATE the pearl so know Zero and Ichii (2 sorcerer's) have to protect her from the others (because everyone wants the pearl that's inside of her) until the head sorcerer can fix up some medicine for Nina to take to un-bond the pearl from her body.One of their rival teams, San-chan an Fo-chan (even though Forte is a guy), dress up as girls and attend Nina's school to try and capture her! Fo-chan makes SUCH an adorable girl it's unbelievable haha