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The Iron Queen (Iron Fey Series #3)

The Iron Queen - Julie Kagawa So, I finished this book last night and before I get into the book I just wanted to say that I thought this was the last one, that I was FINALLY done with this series but nooooo Ash is on a mission to get a soul now. At least it'll be from Ash's POV so I look forward to reading The Iron Knight!Ok so back to The Iron Queen... may I point out again that Meghan annoys me? no? well I just did ;P She's so stupid sometimes! like Ironhorse even called her Queen to her face but it took her FOREVER to realize that she's the queen and the the gremlins will listen to her! even when she had the gremlins obey her it took Grim plopping Razor in her lap and basically TELLING her before anything clicked in that brain of hers!!! Grimalkin is so right it would be SO frustrating to know her!These books just get better and better i just wish that Iron King was good. If I didn't read Iron Daughter my only opinion of this series was that it wasn't very good. I originally started the 2nd book because i liked Grim and Ash but the 2nd book was a lot more impressive than the first book and i really looked forward to The Iron Queen and Julie Kagagwa didn't let me down!Going into book 3 i was a little worried that it would focus on Ash and Meghan's relationship but Puck was there and seemed to start excepting his role as the friend and the two guys jokes were hilarious. The story line was intense with twists and turns always keeping me turning the page and I didn't want to ever set it down (though i did once for a whole day because I was seeing an old friend i hadn't seen in AGES- really only a couple months but who's counting ^.^) I just had to find out about rowan, Meghan's human father, and who the false king was! I couldn't believe it was Ferrum and that he would dare use the packrats like that! I'd grown quite attached to them *sniff* I love how meghan stands up for herself against Oberon, Titania, and Mab setting down the line and getting what she wants heehee but she IS the Iron Queen after all and should get what she wants.So the point of this book was that Meghan and Ash were Exiled from Faery (Puck was too). Summer and Winter are losing to Iron and they need an assassin. Who better for the job than Meghan and her two lapdogs? (plus her lap cait sith) so Ash teaches Meg how to battle using a sword and Puck teaches her how to use summer magic. But oh snap she can't use summer glamour without tainting it with iron and vise versa! Whatever shall she do?!?! Well if she just listened to Machina the first dream she wouldn't have this problem but nooo she's gotta refuse until Ferrum practically kills her before she realizes what she needs to do. So the little posse go off on their adventure through the Iron Kingdom (after Meg gets her dad back from Lea, Queen of the Exiles, and they get these tricked out necklaces from Mab and dragon scale armor from Oberon.) They run into a bunch of obstacles along the way and when all looks hopeless (the iron king reaches the wyldwood and attacks with his moving fort) the Gremlins come to obey their master and meg saves the day and becomes the Iron Queen.