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Living Dead Girl

Living Dead Girl - Elizabeth Scott I wasn't expecting much from such a short book, but that definitely fit in a big dose of depressing. Living Dead Girl is about Alice. She was abducted when she was 10 by a man named Ray, who rapes her. He constantly tells her that she is HIS little girl, her name is Alice, and that if she is good then he won't hurt her, if she is good then he won't kill her parents. He's a liar. She's now 15 and still his LITTLE girl. He stunts her growth, starves her, and make her take pills to stop her period. There used to be a first Alice, when she turned 15, authorities found her dead body in a river not far from her hometown. 'Alice' is approaching her own 15th birthday. What will happen to 'Alice'?? This was a pretty haunting story. Ray is a captor so disturbing I wanted to stop reading, but couldn't put the book down until it was done. It was intense, real, and perfectly painful to read. It's told through the girl's PoV, desperate and helpless, and speaks horrifically to the imagination. It's not a topic I can relate to, but I think the way it's written, all people could feel connected to it.I loved the ending, Jake got the semi-hero part that he wanted, killing Ray and saving his little sister AND 'Alice'. But Alice was shoot too which I think was good because honestly, there's no way she could've ever recovered. And she got to die with the knowledge that Ray died first and she saved Lucy from being his next victim, his next 'Alice'. Now she, Kyla Davis, is FREE.