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Matched (Matched Trilogy Series #1)

Matched (Matched Trilogy Series #1) - For once I really don't have an opinion on something! I picked up the book from my little sister's room. I'd never heard of it, she'd never read it, and the cover was pretty so I thought I'd give it a go. Honestly it was pretty bland and Dsytopian books are getting old. For once I didn't hate a love triangle! It fit the story nicely with the fact that the government picks who you marry (Xander, her best friend) and human nature telling Cassia that Ky is the one. I'm finding it a little hard to believe that the society just accepts things like that though... like the fact that they are WELL aware that the elderly killed off once they turn 80, Past stuff 'artifacts' are always burned, they only chose a select few songs, poems etc. to be available to society. all others were burned with no trace of their existence left. That is except for the poem Cassia has illegally along with her love for Ky and desire to WRITE (also nonexistent). And that special red pill... no one knows what it does so people think that the red pill kills people. Or do they just not remember? That's right the government even keeps track of people's memories and DREAMS (as in citizens are hooked up to machines and MONITORED while they sleep! How can no one find that creepy?!?!) There's absolutely NO privacy the government controls absolutely EVERYTHING. I thought Ky and Cassia's relationship was so cute and rebellious until you learn that the government set up everything to see what would happen and that they could predict every choice anyone in society makes. I bet they didn't think Cassia would take it as far as she did though... escaping to go after Ky I mean. Anyways as far as recommending this book goes, I wouldn't say it was TERRIBLE. It was an ok book but not so great that I'd go around saying "OMG you just HAAAAVVVVEEEE to read this book! You're just toooootally missing out in life if you don't!" so if it's not out of your way to read it or you absolutely can't get enough of dystopian books then by all means go right ahead. If not then it's really not worth the effort.