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Dark Descendant

Dark Descendant - Jenna Black Dark Descendant by Jenna Black!Ok, I'm a fan! The way she incorporated fantasy and urban was great and and their version of the world actually made sense and didn't leave me with a sense of 'what the heck?!'. So the book is about a woman named Nikki Glass (LOVE the name btw) and she like 24? I don't remember but she works as a private investigator and can track down ANYONE. So when a guy named Emmitt has her investigate a 'cult' who thinks they're immortal to rescue his girlfriend Maggie, she doesn't think anything of it. Until Emmitt jumps into the path of her car one sleety night in front of the cult's mansion! Now he's dead, and wait... Are her crash wounds HEALING?? Now Nikki has suddenly been thrown into a world of chaos that she doesn't quite understand. She's what they call 'Liberi Deorum' which means children of the gods in Latin. Before the gods left earth, they gave each of their children a seed from the tree of life, making them immortal. What they didn't know, was that anyone with even a drop of divine blood, their descendants, could kill the Liberi and steal their immortality for themselves. The 'cult' at the mansion are these such people, and Nikki just killed Emmitt, their FRIEND. Nikki is a descendant of Artemis and stole Emmitt's immortality when she hit him with her car (he's a descendant of Hades). There's a rival clan of Liberi called the Olympians, and they seek to destroy all descendants who don't bow down to them. Anderson and his Liberi gang (emmitt's friends) don't believe Nikki's story about how Emmitt committed suicide, and think that Nikki is a spy! Konstantine and his group (the Olympians, of which he's self proclaimed king) have a truce with Anderson so that anyone under Anderson's roof is safe. After having her adoptive older sister's well being threatened by Konstantine's men if Nikki doesn't cooperate and track down some men for them (who most certainly WILL die if found), Nikki goes to Anderson for help. If Nikki helps Anderson find his kidnapped immortal wife, then his people will protect Nikki's sister. There's only 1 problem... some of Anderson's Liberi don't want Nikki around. Make that 2 problems, Anderson's wife was kidnapped by the Olympians and she could be buried alive for all they know. Jamaal is a descendent of Kali, a death god. And he's the most convinced that Nikki is a spy and he's going to bring her to justice. Blake is a descendant of Eros, he uses sex as a weapon, he's also smitten with Nikki's adoptive sister Steph, who needs protection against Konstantine's people. Maggie is a descendant of Zeus through Hercules, she's got some sweet strength and befriends Nikki even though she loved Emmitt. Jack is a descendent of Loki, a big trickster who's jokes are no laughing matter. Leo is a descendant of Hermes, anti social, sticks to his computer in his room scrutinizing the market and making the money they need to survive (quite well I might add). Logan is a descendent of Tyr, and old Germanic war god, he's pretty easy going though. Anderson on the other hand, had an unrecognizable glyph (that marks people as decenedents) and no one knows who he's a descendent of. So how will it all play out? Will Artemis' hunting skills come in handy? Will Anderson's identity be revealed? Will Jamaal finally cool down after Emmitt's death? And will someone PLEASE give Alexis a big whopping dose of revenge?!?