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Bitterblue - So... I had this book for a good month or two just putting off reading it and I'm not sure why. After reading it I can't believe I put it off for so long! Once I picked it up I didn't want to put it down. I read it till I crashed, woke up early to read more before work, and any other time I could I was reading it! I went to the pool to best the heat but I ended up reading Bitterblue pool-side instead of going in the pool.So 9 years after Leck's reign and the kingdom is still pretty messed up. Bitterblue was crowned Queen at TEN she's 18 during the book and boy does she have a lot of problems in her kingdom! It would be nice if she actually knew about any of the problems but she didn't know until on night when she slips out of the castle and runs into a special purples eyed somebody hehehe. (Saf is my favorite character- Giddon and teddy tied for second- and I was not happy with the ending as far as He's concerned :/ ) anyways, that night she snuck out I don't think bitter blue ever thought it would lead to any of this that actually happened. There was betrayal, some truth uncovering (maybe having to do with Leck's reign dun-dun-dun!!!), and some friend making- but I'm not talking about her citizens ;) it was a captivating and good read so I'll HAVE to go back and read FIRE!