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Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies - William Golding Lord of the Flies was a pretty good book school-wise. Jack is an evil genius. The Id. When a bunch of british boys are stranded in an island, he is the one that awakens everyone primal instinct killing pigs and being savages. Piggy is one of the only kids with any sense. The SuperEgo. but he has "as-mar" and is this fat kid with glasses. they make fun of him constantly but need him around to start fires with his lenses. Ralph, the Ego, is an inbetween average kid who everyone elects as Chief. He always talks about how they need to keep a fire going so that they can get rescued. Ironically, after they murder Piggy the boys are hunting down Ralph and decide to smoke him out of the islands forest. Jack was burning the WHOLE island down to search for Ralph to be head him on a stick for all the boys to see. If they weren't rescued the boys would have NOTHING. Well, Ralph got the fire he was always asking for and a British navel officer rescues them cause they could see the island burning. So they go from their boys war to the real world war against Germany. The "Devil" that Simon and Ralph see, a pig's head on a stick that Jack left in an offering for "the beast" was very interesting. They were all scared f the beast and never seeing things for what they really are. Leading the boys to questions themselves, or go to their primal instincts. Simon knows that the beast is really themselves and as he's trying to get his message across he's stabbed, beaten and bitten to death in a frenzy. The book seems simple enough but there was a lot of deep symbolism and goes through human's true nature. However, it was still read for school and it still needed to be dissected for an essay which ruined the experience for me so it has to be 3 instead of 4 stars. Apparently the whole bloodletting kids and stuff made this book a major controversy and puts this on the list of banned books.