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Frankenstein: Or, the Modern Prometheus

Frankenstein - Mary Shelley, Walter James Miller, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Harold Bloom I am seriously considering making a shelf for 'characters-I-wish-I-could-kill' Soooo Frankenstein is such a jerk! This book would've gotten 1 star if there weren't those couple of chapters from the creatures perspective. The beginning doesn't add anything to the story and the letters are pretty pointless. Vic leads an ideal life whoop-de-do, BORING. Then he see lightning strike a tree *gasp* like THAT'S never happened before... So Vic now know how to create life! But reanimating a dead body, that's just TOO simple isn't it? Let's take hundreds of different body parts and just put them together into one huge 8 foot tall person, isn't that just the best idea you've ever heard? And hey, how about the second it opens it's eyes we just leave this 8 foot baby on it's own and never come back? Cause THAT makes total sense and is definitely responsible of you. When you eventually run into it and it requests a companion at the cost of letting all if your friends and family live, let's just say 'F U MAN I don't need to listen to you' and just let him kill your little brother, let Justine die for being convicted of your brother's murder, let Elizabeth die on your wedding night, let him strangle your BFF, AND let your father die. All of Vic's misery is no where NEAR the misery that the creature feels, and all of Vic's misery was his own fault! Man, I just wanted Victor to die throughout the whole book. It really makes you pity the poor monster. He was abandoned by society and forced to not be his benevolent, true self.