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The Harvard Classics: Stories from The Thousand and One Nights: The Arabian Nights' Entertainments, with Introduction and Notes
Stanley Lane-Poole, Edward William Lane, Charles W. Eliot

Chocolate Cosmos 01

Chocolate Cosmos 01 - Nana Haruta So Basically, Chocolate Cosmos (which are brown flowers that smell like chocolate) is about a girl who goes to the beach over summer break and meets this really cute guy. He was selling chocolate bananas and smelled like chocolate. They realize that they go to school together and she thinks it is fate. Then when they get back from break- she realizes that he is a TEACHER- one of HER teachers- and isn't interested in a relationship. Or is he? This manga is really cute, they made a culinary baseball interest group just because they liked a manga about baseball and because the hot teacher is a good chef haha.