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Beauty Pop: v. 10 (Beauty Pop)

Beauty Pop: v. 10 (Beauty Pop) - Kiyoko Arai This manga was ALSO very adorable, once I started I couldn't stop! I have Clash of Kings due at the library TOMORROW and I'm not even halfway through it, yet i spent the last 4 hours reading Beauty Pop instead. It was a great cast of characters, I loved how laid back and food centered Kiri was, it was quite hilarious. It also pissed off Narumi many a time too which was also pretty funny. I love hoe Naru-Naru realized his success was because of his rich father and how he strived to separate himself from his fathers company and make his own way in the beauty world. Everyone had their interesting story to tell and fears to get over. There was a bit of a fight over Ki-chan between two of the guys but it surprisingly wasn't very interesting and in my opinion ended too quickly. I also don't like how they don't show the marriage or how they became successful or anything. They're in high school and they don't even actually tell each other their feelings and then BAM it's 10 years later and they're married with 2 kids. But it was still really god :D