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Crescendo (Hush, Hush Saga)

Crescendo - Becca Fitzpatrick For the first half of this book it sort if seemed like it was going no where, Scott was suspicious, Rixon was getting more involved, Patch was seemingly acting like a jerk, Nora was being stupid and over reacting to everything, Marcie was being a bitch, and Vee was being spontaneously funny as usual. And EVERYONE was being a total drama Queen, even patch. So after book 1 and Chauncy, Patch became Nora's guardian angel, and it became summer. Sounds perfect right? Of course nothing can ever end up like that, psh screw happy, THAT never happens. So Nora is going to summer school to take Chemistry and, get this, has to sit next to Marcie Miller, the girl who tortures her for no reason. Only there is a reason, one that Nora could never attempt to fathom. Also, after Nora breaks up with Patch because she feels betrayed, who comes until the picture? None other than Scottie the Hottie (formerly known as Scottie the Potty who forced Nora to eat roly polies as a kid) a childhood 'friend' who's moved back into town. Before long Nora realizes that Scott is Nephilim (although he doesn't seem to know much of anything about it). To make matters worse, Nora is haunted by images of her murdered father and this mysterious "Black Hand".The ending to this book was TOTALLY unexpected. It left me with a creepy feeling and Nora realized that she could trust NO ONE, except for maybe Vee and Patch. Scott turned out to be a pretty sweet guy if you look past, well... A lot of things haha. Now Rixon (Patch's fallen angel friend if anyone needs reminding) he was the most unexpected of all. He's come across as a supporting cast kind of character, ya know? I certainly don't think there were any clues pointing towards him, unless f course u was just in denial. Either way, Nora is Hank Miller's DAUGHTER as in Marcie's SISTER and a girl descendent of Rixon's vassal. And Rixon wants to be human. Badly. But Patch is Marcie's Guardian Angel now, will anyone be able to save her now?!? And what will the Black Hand do when they find Nora?To keep things short, the book really started to heat up and got pretty intense just when I was starting to think nothin interesting would happen! I absolutely loved this book but have I give it only 4 stars for pretending to be a bad book for the first half.