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La Corda d'Oro, Volume 11

La Corda d'Oro, Vol. 11 - Yuki Kure Soooo now we add yet another boy to the mix! this time, it's Kaji-kun! He joined the general ed department JUST to meet Kahoko. It was love at first sight for him when he heard her practicing her violin at the park one day, hasn't heard her play since but has seen her once since then. Now he sits next to her in class! He has a talent for the viola (he used to play the violin) and he used to attend the same class as Len, and Ousaki (upperclassman violinist who's friends with the gang and tutors Kahoko). Aoi Kaji certainly stirs thing up for the gang! he openly confesses to her and constantly shows his love for her. He is the perfect guy and has girls confessing to him everyday, he's and expert tennis player, comes from a super rich family like Azuma, everything a girl could want. But every time a girl confesses to him he replies "Sorry, I appreciate your feelings but I am completely dedicated to Hino-san" Any girl would immediately say yes to him, except for Kahoko. I'm not sure if she was just oblivious or just didn't like the attention but she was no way going to ever fall for him. Poor Kaji ;(