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The Scarlet Letter
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A Storm of Swords
George R.R. Martin
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William Napier
The Host
Stephenie Meyer
Switch Girl!!, Tome 2
Natsumi Aida
The Undying God
Nathan R. Wilson
The Riddle of Prague (The QuickSilver Legacy Series)
Laura DeBruce
Alexa Stone and the Lake of Fire
Megan Boudreau
The Harvard Classics: Stories from The Thousand and One Nights: The Arabian Nights' Entertainments, with Introduction and Notes
Stanley Lane-Poole, Edward William Lane, Charles W. Eliot

Amazing Agent Luna: v. 1

Amazing Agent Luna, Vol. 1 - Nunzio DeFilippis, Christina Weir, Shiei Luna. A test tube baby raised in a lab training with adults to be a spy. Not just any spy. The Best spy EVER. With her genetically advanced DNA she's smart, quick, AND pretty. What else does a girl need? Well, friends would be a good start. Luna is about to go on the hardest mission of her life: High School. Now entering adolescence her emotions are crazy and the lab just couldn't handle it. So with Control has her mom and Dr. Andy as her dad she gets situated as the new Girl in Nobel High. Where everyone hates her. Except him. The dorky skateboarder that you just can't help but love. Oliver <3 Before long Miss. Queen Bee hates her, Queen Bee's friend Francesca becomes Luna's best friend, and another new kid transfers so she's not the awkward new kid anymore. Good right? Wrong. This guy just happens to be Luna's Enemy's son Jonah Von Brucken. The young Von Brucken is the Mysterious, Brooding, Handsome type (He's got nothing on Oliver though) and he catches every girl's eye, but he only wants Luna. What'll happen? You'll just have to enjoy this fun read to find out!