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Ptolemy's Gate (Bartimaeus Series #3)

Ptolemy's Gate (Bartimaeus Series #3) - Ptolemy's GateThe series was good and they definately got increasingly better throughout the books with Ptolemy's Gate being the best of the trilogy. I didn't really like Kitty throughout the first 2 books or the beginning of the 3rd but by the end she was an acceptable character. Having her go through Ptolemy's Gate was pretty cool and bonding the demons to the humans was intense haha especially having Nat and Bart's thoughts combined. I won't go into what happened much but the goverment traitor completely took me by surprise. How was a bit obvious, who was a bit puzzling till the 'experiment'.I thought the ending was too abrupt and didn't really like that but the rest g the book was still awesome enough to get 5 stars.