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Red Glove (Curse Workers)

Red Glove - Holly Black Throughout the whole book I was completely captivated. What would happen next? Lila was worked, Phillip was murdered, the Fed's want Cassel! This book was a total page-turner and I absolutely loved it! So why does it only get four stars? Because of Lila and Cassel's relationship, by the last page I felt empty inside. Lila is mobster royalty and Cassel works for the Fed's now. Lila hates him. There is nothing he could ever say to fix their relationship and they both know it. The books ends and it's over! I thought the plot of the story was very interesting with no boring slow parts. In the beginning, Phillip is murdered and the Fed's have footage of a mysterious woman with red gloves. Who is this woman and what reason did she have for killing Cassel's older brother? Personal reasons? Or maybe a hired killer? The Fed's want Cassel to solve a bunch of murders all while Cassel has to deal with the Zacharov's, family issues, school, friends, HEX, and of course destroying the evidence all while trying to uncover his past that Barron made him forget. There was action, romance, and a touch of hilarity that never seems to leave Cassel's side. That, along with his 2 trusty friends, made this book a must-read for any book lover!