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The Iron King (Iron Fey Series #1)

The Iron King (Iron Fey Series #1) - I avoided reading this but now I kinda wish I hadn't. So Meghan (I shall call her Meg) is an ordinary non-rich girl who's father disappeared when she was 6 and who's little half brother Ethan suddenly becomes a changeling. Ok, so she's not so normal and her Best friend is actually Legendary Robin Goodfellow, or Puck, who is the trickster of the Summer Court and Oberon's right hand man. Oh and one more thing, out little Meg here is half fey-half human. You guessed it she's actually Oberon, the King of Summer's daughter. (You can be sure Titania isn't to happy about that.) Meg then meets Ash and boy is he a hunk, hot as hell which is ironic since he's the Ice Prince. Ash is the son of Queen Mab of the Winter court (summer and winter don't exactly get along) Meg escapes the courts with the help of cait sith Grimalkin to go rescue her brother. He's been kidnapped by the Iron King so Puck and Ash help her on the way. By the time they finally reach the Iron king only Ash is still by her side (he's in a contract to help her save her brother and in return she'll go to the winter court) of course she kills the Iron king, gains his Iron Glamour, saves Ethan, and falls in love with Ash.I didn't LOVE the book but it did grow on me and I felt totally attached to Ash as soon as he was introduced. Grim and Ash were really the only reason I kept reading the book. I do like the fact that Meghan toughened up at the end and killed the Iron King herself but I think that I'll only read the rest of the series because I want more Ash lol