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The Iron Daughter (Iron Fey Series #2)

The Iron Daughter - Julie Kagawa So after reading the first book i was like 'eh it was ok' but not really impressed or OMG-I-just-HAVE-to-read-the-next-book, but unlike the first book I was totally into this book rooting for Ash the whole way. I DO hate love triangles and I hated this one too but in the end it made Ash and Meghan being together THAT much more intense! From the beginning with her dream about Machina I thought that she had inherited his powers and that she was the rightful heir to the Iron thrown cause she killed the last king and that's how all that stuff works lol but NO ONE mentiontions it!! I was like 'am I crazy for thinking this?!? but then Ironhorse's dying words call Meghan 'my queen' and NONE of the characters react!! Later Meghan breaks the seal on her glamour HERSELF when Ash said that only someone of great power like Mab or Oberon could do that. HELLO wakeup call anyone?!? Nope, characters STILL oblivious! Then Mab and Oberon have the dignity to kick them out of the Nevernver? Um 'scuse me but I don't think so. So all in all it was a great book, worth my time dragging myself through the first book. It had me hooked with all the twists ad turns (and of course Puck's hilarious remarks the whole way through- though Meghan kissing Puck did NOT make me very happy lol but I guess Puck deserved it. Even though I don't think they should ever be together, Puck is still AWESOME and if he wants meghan than fine but only 1 kiss cause she's ASH'S!!!)