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Inheritance (Inheritance Cycle Series #4)

Inheritance - Christopher Paolini I haven't read it yet (I'm waiting for my friend to finish so I can read his copy) but I just want to put down my thoughts so a can reflect after I read it. So don't ruin it for me by spoiler comments!The first three books were really good so If the last one isnt better, the whole entire cycle is RUINED. It's the grand finally so it better be amazing!I want the green dragon to be ayra's then Eragon and Ayra would be immortal together and she's a shadeslayer so she deserves it but I'd be cool with elva being the new rider.I think nausada should become queen cause that surda king wasn't to good and she just has that natural leading ability, she's human but has good relationships with the other races and Roran just wants to go home so he wouldn't be king.Eragon's fortune said he'd leave Algeisia forever so he better leave with ayra or whoever becomes the next rider cause he has to teach them the mystical dragon rider 101 class.Ahhhh!!! I read this a good while ago and didn't realize I didn't review it! It was just as good as the other 3: a lot of suspense, awesome magic shtuff, intense were cats, some mystical dragon stuff and secret places 'ooo' and one way or another the war is over! I liked that Roran almost dis in he vey beginning. It put me on edge do the rest of the book cause anything could happen! I didn't like the sudden oh 'hey there's a secret place with a bajillion eldunari you can have' part. The author backed himself into a corner with the way he built up galbratorix into this mastermind evil Dagon Rider. There was no possible way that Eragon could beat him! So naturally, Eragon follows solabum's advice from the first book, finds dragon heart-of-hearts AND dragon eggs. That didn't really help them win at all which was goo I really liked the book except for Galbratorix's ending. It was SO simple! All Eragon did was use magic to make him understand!!! ANYONE could have done that, he's not special or a Hero (in my opinion), he was about to die!