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Fruits Basket, Vol. 20 (Fruits Basket, #20)

Fruits Basket, Volume 20 - Natsuki Takaya Honda-San was so cute! I loved kagura in this though... Others seem to disagree but she's just sad to see Kyo the live of her life with Tohru some outside girl and if they (Kyo and Tohru) live each other they better do something about it and Tohru better tell him! Telling Kagura and Rin doesn't help her! I live Momjii's growth he wa this adorable bunny kid and now he's this stunning handsome bunny man! Yuki just got over Tohru just like that?!? I mean I know that he knew Tohru loved Kyo and that a Yuki/Tohru relationship was impossible but really?!? Moving on to Machii so fast? But I guess being with her would help him recover from Tohru... I don't care what others think, Akito had a messed up childhood and forced her messed up ways on others because that's all she knew! Tohru changed her by falling off the cliff without Akito trying to kill her! and Akito even visited her in the hospital and became friends with Hana-San who called Akito A-San (so cute) and instead of drowning in her fears and trying to keep them as close she she can until she loses them, she sets the zodiacs all free! And even before that she destroyed the cat room and was nice to Kyo who everyone detests because of the first memory forgotten.