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The Heroes of Olympus, Book Two: The Son of Neptune

The Son of Neptune - Rick Riordan I loved tho book I enjoyed the Percy Jackson the the olympians series but the heroes of Olympus is defonatly better. Rick Riordan incorporates the roman mythology beautifully and inserts our favorite characters into inexperienced situations such as releasing Death, meeting people u've meet before but u don't know u did (nico and reyena) and Percy losing his memory was perfect so he could adjust to a different life. So the prophecy of the seven I think it's ok to assume the said seven are Percy, Annabeth, Frank, Hazel, Jason, Piper and Leo? Oh maybe some tension between percy and jason cause they're both powerful demigods used to being looked up to and leading everyone? Just the fact that percy knows his sister better then he does has gotta bug him. I love how Riordan always ends in a cliff hanger which made the son of Neptune highly enticipating but I survived :) I'm not sure if I'll survive the wait of the mark of Athena which comes out fall 2012!!!! I mean Leo is like hazels true loves grand-kid or something at least they look exactly the same so I'm assuming he's a decendant and not Sammy from the past but u never know since hazel shouldn't alive either. So will him looking like Sammy put tension between hazel and franks budding relationship? What about Jason and Piper? How will Percy react when meets Annabeth for the first time after his memory loss? Will their relationship take a step back? How will the Romans and the Greeks react to each other? I could go on forever going insane with these questions! Gosh I'm such a dork :P I can't wait till the mark of Athena comes out!!!Instead of asking questions maybe I should actually review the book...Let's start with Percy He's brave, loyal and the only thing he remembers Is his name and Annabeths name. So Cute!!! He shows the Romans a different way of thinking while he himself accepts some of their ways of thinking. Such as being sorted into legions instead of by parents leaving some all alone. He's still witty and funny while still keeping an air of seriousnessHazelDaughter of Pluto. Nico brings her back from the dead. She's got a complicated past with geia, her greedy mom, her curse, and the whole 'she wouldn't be alive' complicates things further. But unlike some other people, I don't think she like piper. Piper is more badass and can bend people to her will, while hazel is more like I've got to live in the moment cause my past is complicated and I should be dead. Her past life love was Sammy an just was a romance buds with Frank she gets Leo who looks exactly like Sammy and their last names are both Valdez. As I said above I'm thinking a grand kid or some other form of Sammy's descendent?FrankU see great character growth. He was kinda big and awkward at the beginning but he entrusts hazel with his life (literally- he gives hazel his piece of firewood) he learns how to use his special power (he can transform into any animal) and he accepts that he's the Son of Mars and that he can't change that. Even though Percy hates the Greek form of his dad Percy, Hazel, and Frank become a little family after their quest.Leo He's the first kid and like a century or 2 (I think) that has the flame-y power of awesomeness! He fixed the golden dragon, helped build the FLYING Argo II and (I'll admit it) is by far way better than beckandorf. There I said it! He looks like Sammy the love of Hazel's past, he acidentally killed his mom when he was a little kid, Hera AND geia were in his past/childhood. He is the definition of awesome though he was to emotional when the golden robot dragon crashed.PiperThe badass daughter of Aphrodite, she's got to represent since all of her cabin mates are basically wusses Drew being the queen of them. She knows how to fight, her weapon is Helen of troy's dagger. She can speak French (the language of love) and she is basically the reason Hera is still around and the reason Jason didn't die in the first book. She is determined and described as beautiful so she will most likely become a couple with Jason whose totally into her but is unsure of his past. Her dad is a rich actor and his world would be destroyed if he knew the gods existed.And finally JasonThe long lost brother of Thalia, son of the mighty Jupiter. They have the same mom but Thalia was born a Greek Demi god while he was born a Roman demigod (same dad Zeus/Jupiter). Interestingly enough, Jason is favored by HERA. I'll say it again FAVORED by HERA!!! She basically dislikes all demigods because she's the goddess of marriage and all that so its very surprising that she would favor a demigod, the son of her husband no less. Jason can fly, call lightning from the sky and defeated one of the Titans single-handed on mount what's-it-called where Rachel threw a hairbrush at Kronos. He's a natural leader like Percy and was Co-Preator with Reyna at camp Jupiter. Since his 'disipearence' Percy took over his spot after the battle with one of the giants.