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Will Grayson, Will Grayson - 'John Green',  'David Levithan' I'm not entirely sure what to rate this book... Did I like it? no. Did I hate it? no. It leaves me with an overwhelming sense of 'meh' which not many books can do. It was just average high school drama. It was humorous sure, and that was enjoyable, and it's also not a book I don't think i'll forget any time soon (with two Will Grayson's and Tiny Cooper, how could one forget?) but nothing really happened. The only thing somewhatedly interesting was maura being isaac.

So the book was about 2 Will Graysons who don't know each other at the beginning and don't really know each other very well at the end either, but that's not the point. Their paths cross and stuff happens. Sooooo interesting. not. So Will 1, as I will address him since he was the first POV, is a straight guy, has a mom and dad, not liked at school because he wrote a letter supporting gay rights, and has a flamboyant, fabulous friend named Tiny Cooper. Tiny Cooper is the president of their school's GSA club and is writing a musical about love. Will 2 is gay, but not openly so, has a crappy 'friend' named maura, and lives with his mother (I have no clue what happened with the father and I wish their family's situation was explained).

Anyway, Will 2 was annoying and whiney, and so was Will 1. Will 1 has two rules. Shut up and Don't care. He was relatable. He was my favorite Will. I didn't like any of the other characters accept Jane, but only after she stopped being an idiot and opened the box. nobody really saw Will 1 for who he truly was, and no one appreciated him, just like no one appreciated Tiny.

I've noticed how some other readers here on Goodreads think the book revolved around Tiny, and I completely agree. Will Grayson, Will Grayson doesn't really fit the title of the book... Tiny is the huge presence of this book and Tiny's musical was basically the whole point of the book. Honestly, the book had potential, being about love, loving others, and above all, loving yourself. But at parts it was downright boring.

In the end, i think I'll give this book a 2. Maybe I'll read some of John Green or David Levithan's other books in the future... maybe not.. this book left me feeling very apathetic.