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Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Search Part 3

Avatar: The Last Airbender- The Search Part 3 - Gene Luen Yang holy crap that was intense. I'd always wondered about Zuko's mom, but I never in a million years would have guessed that. Finding out that Zuko wasn't Ozai's son in Part 1 and then finding out that Zuko actually is Ozai's son and that the information was a lie seemed pretty pointless and was extremely suspenseful. Explains why Azula hated Zuko since she thinks it's true that he's not the heir to the throne. What was really depressing was the fact that their mom got rid of her memories of her palace life after she left. Like, with? She's supposed to be this strong, respectable character! I lost ALL respect for her when she did that. I mean, she eventually got them back and all, but what kind of person willingly forgets about the kids they love and starts a new life with a different husband and has kids with him instead? Here Zuko was worrying about his mom since she disappeared and she couldn't have cared less! Poor Zuzu ;(