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Allegiant (Divergent, #3)

Allegiant  - Veronica Roth At this point, I'm not even sure what to make of this book... Uriah was my favorite character and Veronica Roth just murdered him...... How can a person write a book, ruin all the character's lives, and live with themselves? I mean, Tris wasn't close to me as a reader, but she was close the Tobias and that's all I needed to care about her too. This whole book was tragedy after tragedy and I feel like that's starting to become a book trend. Happily-ever-afters were too commonplace so now we're getting all of these beautifully written tragic endings. Well I was suspicious from the beginning since it switched perspectives but I didn't think Roth would really do it... I'm glad Tobias went on the zipline in the end, but there were plenty of things I disliked about the book as well. Such as Caleb. I friction hate his guts as much as Katniss's mother and they're both alive at the end of Allegiant and Mockingjay! and Peter basically isn't Peter anymore... and of course I've already mentioned Uri, my poor baby, knocked into a coma by an explosion cause by Nita and that b*tch walks free? You've GOT to be joking. I did really love how Tobias and his mom started to patch up their relationship and how she chose to give up her power without him having to erase her memory. So sweet <3 and at least Zeke and Shauna got to be happy? because, and correct me if I'm wrong, I'm pretty sure they are the ONLY relationship still alive and happy at the end of this book.... So just my thoughts, not a formal review or anything and I'm not even sure what to rate this book >.<<br/>
*edit* I'm feeling a bit more collected so I'd just like to point out actual writing problems with the book. The alternating POV. It was ridiculous! I've said previously in other reviews that a way to pick out a good writer is who their characters come across. More specifically, the way the author can change perspectives and you know exactly which character is talking without any actual reference to who is who. This didn't occur in Allegiant. The only way I could tell who was talking was because the chapters were labeled. It got easier later on, but that was only because they were doing things without each other, so the other person definitely wouldn't be seeing certain things. However, when they were together you literally COULD NOT tell them apart, like I would be reading and it would say 'tris said this' or whatever and I'm like wait I thought you WERE Tris...'
The big issue with this for me is that it either shows really bad writing skills by not being able to make her character's distinct, OR Veronica Roth is emphasizing how similar Tris and Tobias are.... can't make up mind mind on which is the truth though >.<