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Flowers in the Attic

Flowers in the Attic - V.C. Andrews This book is thoroughly screwed up. The father dies, the mom doesn't work, and so the family moves in with their grandparents. But if anyone finds out that the mother has four kids than she won't inherit her dying parents huge fortune. So the mother and the grandmother lock the 4 kids up in a room that connects up to the attic that they're never allowed to leave. The grandmother brings them food in the morning that consists of donuts with arsenic on them. the eldest daughter and son start a sexual relationship. Basically the entire book is "what the f*ck, did that seriously just happen?" and my poor innocent mind read this in 6th grade. and then continued on to book 2 and 3 which just went downhill and got even creepier.

The only reason I remembered reading tho series was because I went to the movies and saw a trailer for this book.... Idk of that's something I'm going to go see